The Best Way To Eat Egg Whites


Those fitness freaks who regularly attend the Gym and follow up with heavy exercises require to take a highly balanced nutrition. One common thing which all of them follow is having 7 to 10 boiled egg whites everyday. After an interval of time it becomes really difficult to chew those boiled egg whites without salt or any tastemaker or condiment and often it gives a sense of puking.

It is not recommended to stop eating boiled egg whites. So the only way to relief is to make it interesting and enjoyable. We have cooked a great dish that will solve this problem and make boiled egg whites much interesting to eat than ever it was. It is ‘Eggs Salad’.

How to prepare ‘Eggs Salad’ ?

Take 7 to 10 boiled egg whites



Chop each of them to almost 6 equal pieces.



Then add three spoons of corn.



One spoon of finely chopped onions, coriander leaves and spring onions, a completely chopped red tomato.

Mix all of them together.

A spoon of black pepper powder and a spoon of Olive oil.



Mix it well and cook it in a micro oven for 5 minutes.

An excellent Egg Salad would be ready to be eaten. If you wish you can add a few drops of fresh lemon juice for a rejuvenating feel and odour.



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