Hit high with the “PLYOMETRICS”


Plyometrics, exercise with jumping is one of the greatest innovations in the training, sports, technology and it is designed specifically to increase the speed, strength and the explosiveness. Unlike the typical exercises for strength where the movements are long and slow in which aim to increase the muscle strength and mass, the plyometric exercises are performed fast and explosive and are focused on increasing the speed and power.

The proper execution of the plyometric exercises consists of three phases:

  1. First is the rapid muscle lengthening or known as an eccentric phase.
  1. Second is the short period of “break” where the muscle works the most. This is called amortization phase or isometric phase.
  1. Last one and the third is where we are witnesses of explosive muscle shortening called concentric phase.

These phases are repeated as fast as possible. The objective of these exercises is to plyometrically shorten the eccentric and concentric motion. Reducing the time between these two phases allows the athlete to become faster and more powerful.

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