Your Health Doesn’t Come With a Label


Dieting has become a major fad in modern society, but it is a fashion driven by fear: fear of what we can or can’t eat, fear of others judging us, fear of failure…Not only is this media-driven mania harmful to our self-esteem, it’s bad for our health too.You see, the food industry has developed a very profitable niche for “diet foods” like low-fat yogurts, high-sugar granola bars, or worst of all, “diet” sodas. Not only do these highly processed foods ensure that people’s spending doesn’t go down when they try to trim their waistlines, but they also function to assure people that there is a commercial solution to a commercial problem.

Diet_policeIt’s a sort of self-perpetuating cycle of profit. Corporations sell highly processed foods that make us fat, and offer highly processed foods without any proven health benefits to make us feel thin. Take low-fat milk for example: when you remove the fat from milk, you remove all health benefits because the nutrients in milk are fat-soluble and whole milk helps you feel full longer. As a result, many reports have shown, full-fat milk is more likely to keep you lean than diluted, fat-free milk. The danger of these “diet foods” is that they promise convenience. Now it is true that anyone can diet successfully if you tailor your food intake to your body type, needs and activity level. But health doesn’t come with a label, and those supermarket aisles promising you salvation are false prophets.

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