A comparative study on Saline Breast Implants and Silicone Breasts Implants.

saline vs silicone
After having a comprehensive knowledge about the different kinds of incisions and subsequently about the various kinds of placements for breast implants it is very important for you to know the differences between a saline implant and a silicone implant. After gaining a clarity on all these subjects you would be well aware of the concept and the technicalities of breast augmentation. It is when you have to start considering the various personal and do my homework write my essay for me technical factors one by one related to breast augmentation based on your requirement and conditions.

Your surgeon will definitely help you in your decision If you are confused about choosing the right implant for you. Silicone gel or saline implants for your breast enlargement. Simply Request a Consultation to learn more about your implant options.


Saline breast implants are made of a shell which is essentially made of solid silicone. The surgeon inflates it up with sterile saline or salt water after positioning it in the breast. This is why the size of incisions to be made in saline implants are small in length.The do my homework write my essay for me filler being saline water the breast becomes extraordinarily soft like a water filled balloon.


Silicone implants are good and safer for women who do not have much soft tissue coverage. Silicon implants give a more natural look and a softer feel that is closer to natural breast tissue. Silicone gel implants are obtained in pre-filled condition. The silicone gel in modern silicone implants is a thick, semi-cohesive substance.


Both saline and silicone implants have advantages and disadvantages. When you consider enlargement of breasts, the best way to decide whether to have saline or silicone gel implants is to determine your preferences and conditions.

Women of 18 years of age and older can opt for saline implants. But for women of age more than 22 years of age silicone implants are more effective. The chance of visibility of wrinkling or rippling is less in case of silicone implants.

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The silicone shell of saline implants holds the sterile saline solution inside it . Silicone gel implants also have an outer shell made of silicon and is also filled with a cohesive silicone gel giving the breast a more natural look and feel. Silicone gel implants are placed by making incisions underneath the breast or around the areola. Saline implants are placed by making incisions in the underarm and also by making incision in the areola and underneath the breast.

The chance of download displacement due to gravity is more in silicon implants than the saline implants. This is due to the fact that silicon filling is heavier than saline water filling.

The incisions are larger in Silicone implants as they are inserted as filled implants and in case of saline implants incisions are smaller in length as they are inflated inside the body after placing them in the breast. So, the size of a saline implant can be adjusted by adjusting the amount of the filling whereas the size of a silicone implant cannot be adjusted after it being placed in the breast.

In case of rupture of a silicone gel implant there is leakage as caused in case of a saline breast implant. The silicon gel is designed in such a manner that it accumulates and holds together inside the capsule after the rupture and does not migrate to surrounding areas of the body.

Whereas in a saline implant the sterile saline solution is absorbed harmlessly by the body, causing a deflation in the breast size. Hence, in case of rupture of a silicone breast implant it cannot be noticed from outside therefore intermittent MRI s are to be done to check the status of the silicone implants.

Last but not the least silicone implants are slightly more expensive than saline implants.