What does your Poop say about your health?


Before you continue reading this article on Poop, be warned that there are some images that you may not like, and if you are sensitive to these kinds of talks, read this after some time that you’ve eaten and digested some food. You may lose your appetite or worse, throw up.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about poop. Defecation is a normal process that our bodies undergo. It is one of those things that is a cause for concern when done more often than normal and less than normal. So before we dive into what is “more often” and “less” let’s talk about normal first.

The Healthy Poop

Before you press that flush and send your poop down the drain, check it first. The following things should be noted, its form, consistency, its color, and smell. How frequent you poop, the way your poop lands down on the surface of the water, and how much effort it takes you to shove these out of your system is also important.

Let’s talk about the FORM and CONSISTENCY first.

Is your poop well formed and with a distinguishable log-ish shape?
Does it go out in a single, soft piece?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then the chances are you drink enough water and take in enough fiber and it indicates your poop is in good form and consistency.

Let’s go check the COLOR next.

Ideally, your poop should be in the yellowish brown to dark brown color. Sort of like the color of Hershey’s chocolate kisses (I do apologize if you start associating Hershey’s kisses with poop) or a wee bit lighter than this. If you are putting a check mark to this color category, then the odds are, you don’t have any bleeding anywhere in your long and winding gastrointestinal tract.

Next is the SMELL. Of course, you’d probably be wondering why this is even being discussed as all fecal matter smell bad. You know what this “bad” smell is, and we are all familiar with it. But if you notice that you don’t smell your usual “bad” odor and smell something far worse than what you are used to, then this is also a cause for concern.

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