Love, Sex & Music – The Perfect Trio?


Three great words that make a huge impact in our lives when you look at them independently, but when you tie them all together, then there could be a wow factor. The following are some perfect examples of this.

Some may say that classical music has no room for love and sex, but that can also be disputed by just taking a look, at some of the hottest and sexiest music composers of all times.


In bliss, holding hands

Janine Jansen, the famous violinist certainly can be classed as gorgeous and naturally sexy. Her love for chamber music and her exquisite performances, truly shows that love, sex and music work astoundingly well together.

Moving onto the pop celebrities; who can be said to have made the love, sex and music combo, a success? When we delve, into the celeb world there aren’t too couples that seem to have tied the marriage knot and stay together.

This can’t be said about Gwen Stefani and Bush Gavin Rossdale. They have been a married couple since 2002 and have been busy pumping out music through their rock groups and solo albums. It is safe to say there is love bond between these two, and they are both two sexy individuals, and music is definitely part of the equation.

Another couple,  you want to use a lengthy marriage as a measuring stick are, Time McGraw and Faith Hill. They are at the 16 year union mark. Their claim to fame in the music world is the country music. We all know that this music is one that makes the mark when it comes to hitting home for love. They both have what it takes for being sexy. Music is a big factor in their financial success.

Taking the love, sex, and music on a personal level can prove to be an interesting combination. There are some music artists that put out music that has been touted, as being the best music to listen to while having sex. They say there is a fine line where if the music is too sappy then the couple will either find it weird or funny which in either case certainly ruins the mood for love making. Those that class themselves as experts in the field of music for making love seem to favor those songs with down tempos, and has a sensual tone to it. They will also choose a selection for those who like to be a little more upbeat in their love making.

One night stand - Might be a tricky affair!

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