Look up to Mothers fighting those nasty baby blues!


Motherhood is one of the most rewarding and blissful experiences a woman can cherish in her lifetime but there is no denying the fact that it is equally exhausting. New mothers often tend to, find themselves feeling absolutely drained out and lifeless as taking care of their new baby can be can be quite energy sapping. Motherhood brings with itself a whole lot of challenges that a new mother need not be well prepared for, no matter how many books she has read or what professional help has been sought. Nonetheless there is no reason why mothers should be hard on themselves, since there is simple help at hand, to help them feel whole again and enjoy motherhood in new exciting ways. Motherhood is no easy vacation; instead it is a time to heal, to get to know your new baby and to learn how to be a mother.

It is essential that a new mum tends to her emotional, physical, nutritional and relaxation needs that will help her easily transition to her normal life. Here are 15 simple and effective post pregnancy tips to get your active life on and retire those maternity clothes.

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