Kettlebell Plan: A Beginner’s Guide to Kettlebell Workouts


Kettlebells are exercise equipment that is used mostly for what is known as ballistic training. Kettlebells are some of the most ancient exercise equipment with evidences showing that they have been used since the time of Ancient Greece. It virtually disappeared from the record books until it made a comeback in the late 20th century. For the uninitiated, kettlebells look like cannonballs with a handle. Used with a swinging motion, kettlebells are used to improve cardiovascular capacity as well as strength and flexibility.

Safety Tips

As with any exercise equipment, kettlebells comes with an inherent danger. But what sets kettlebells apart is the fact that they are indeed like cannonballs. They are solid pieces of metal that can really cause some damage especially since they are often used by swinging it up overhead. So here are some of the safety tips that you need to keep in mind while swinging that big piece of metal around.

  • Make sure that you keep an eye on your surroundings. Avoid training around things that could get hurt like pets or children. Accidents can happen and when we are talking about something that can weigh at least 2 pounds with considerable speed, we should not take chances.
  • Avoid using kettlebells on delicate surfaces like tiles and delicate hardwood. If it happens to slip, then you would not have to worry about having to replace your floor all the time.
  • If you do lose control of the kettlebell, get out of the way. Do not force to control something that you just lost control of. This can cause some significant injury and it would be safer to simply step aside and get out of its way. After all, it is a cannonball with a handle.
  • Kettlebells have varying weights from 2 lbs. to as heavy as 75 lbs. but you should treat each as if it is the heaviest. This way, you will make sure that you do not lose grip.
  • Safety in numbers. Get a trainer as often as you can. That way, you have someone to watch your form and you can only do so much with a mirror.

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