How to choose the perfect breast implant size?


What is the thumb rule for choosing breast implant size?

Is there a thumb rule to select the right size of your breast implant? In order to choose the right size and shape for yourself you have to look at the before and after images of the candidates who have undergone breast augmentation. You may find it on the website of your plastic surgeon and when you meet him for a consultation you should share with him your views. One thing that you need to keep in mind that you should have the same aesthetic senses your surgeon has and that will help you in getting a more natural look at the end of the surgery. It is never suggested to opt for unnaturally large breast. In face a breast augmentation surgery is a total body contouring surgery so it is important that the breast profile chosen matches with the candidate’s overall figure. Once that is ensured it appears that the breasts have not been surgically enhanced.

The size of a breast implant for all practical purposes being measured in CC’s (centimeter cube).A measurement in cc can never give any idea of how the breast augmentation will look like or what the cup size will be. We can provide some examples from which you may be able to make an understanding. For example if the candidate for breast augmentation is tall, broad shouldered with a small A-cup breasts she may require 450 cc implants to get a C-cup breast volume after the surgery. Whereas, a short heighted candidate for breast augmentation with medium B-cup breasts may require a 250cc implant to get a C-cup breast volume after the surgery. This was just an example to give you a primary understanding of size of the implants to be chosen. In fact there may be many other options for each of these two candidates. For every candidate there is obviously a wide range of implant volumes that may give her naturally appearing breasts. Every candidate for breast augmentation irrespective of their body contours look for implants that render a natural fullness in the upper pole. Also, there is a way to decide the sizes and shape by a computer-imaging device. For example, if your breast width is 12 cm. and we have a doubt about the size of the implant that will suit you the best and options are both medium and high profile as both of them will fit in that diameter. We will take up the one that looks better in a computer-imaging device.

But, implant volume and cup size are not everything in achieving a natural look there are other factors too viz. the implant shape, placement, position on the chest. These are all the critical factors that augment to a naturally looking beautiful breast.  It is common misunderstanding that big implants will give a unnatural look and small implants will give natural looks. It is often found that when the positioning is wrong for example the small size implants are placed too high or too far apart it gives an awkward look. These are cases where the ideal base diameter has not been taken into consideration. So, to select the appropriate size in terms of cc’s is critical but not everything. A candidate has to be meticulous from the time of choosing the surgeon till the end of the recovery period. The choosing of a right plastic surgeon who has right surgical plan, right surgical methods and the most appropriate follow up is the crux of the whole breast augmentation journey.


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