Green Or Purple: You can’t miss to try these smoothies for breakfast


Most of the people are used to drink coffee in the morning, in order to be energized for the entire day. But not many of us know that, besides the fact that it is addictive, caffeine only increases the level of insulin and that leads to inflammation in your body. How does this make you feel? Not very energized, for sure.

Instead of coffee you can use fruits (both fresh and dried), greens and seeds to help you throughout the day. If you are an active person you will surely need the natural sugar, fibers and good fats from these whole, unprocessed foods. Try to use organic products as they do not contain chemicals like other fruits and vegetables.

Why choose a smoothie instead of a whole fruit? The answer is another question: how many fruits can you eat at once? I am positive the answer is one, maybe two. A smoothie is like a shot of vitamins, fibers and minerals, along with proteins and fats, depending on what ingredients you add in your blender. About 500-750 ml of smoothie can keep you away from other foods for a few hours. The fruits and seeds mixture is very nourishing and you won’t feel hungry for a long time.

If you workout in the morning, you have to eat a light meal after your training session, with mainly proteins and carbohydrates, and few good mild fats. The purpose of this meal is to help your muscles replenish their glycogen. You have to be certain that they have all the needed nutrients in order to recover from the workout you have performed. It is highly recommended that you have a liquid meal because all the nutritional substances are better absorbed. As stated before, you need mild fats so that they do not interfere with the digestion process.

Therefore, we suggest two kinds of smoothies you may want to try to prepare for your breakfast.

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