“Are breast implants worth it?” – Get a reality check!


Getting breast implants is an expensive decision that involves a number of other medical factors too and therefore should be researched and discussed with a certified highly experienced plastic surgeon. Breast implants can also be used in breast reconstruction as a consecutive step to mastectomy (the implant replaces breast tissue that has been removed due to cancer) or in male-to-female gender reassignment surgery. Breast implant is a kind of beauty therapy also. There are women who have been suffering from low self esteem due to small size of their breasts or irregular and uneven shape of their breasts which eventually resulted due to defective developmental or genetic reasons. ” Are breast implants worth it? ” is a valid question and needs a reality check. We shall take it up in the following paragraphs.

When you browse the internet you may come across two opposites sides of the coin, but the side that speaks, “ Implants empower a woman’ has stronger points than the side that speaks ‘ Why fake Breasts?”. Have you ever noticed someone arguing “Why a fake heart?” when you go for a pacemaker surgery or say “ Why a fake kidney?” when you have to transplant a kidney. You won’t find and it is because they perceive only one of the health requirements of an individual and that is physiological health. We should remember that we are are not just a body like other mammals but we are human beings endowed with a strong intellect and hence we have a mind and a mental health too. Hence, the question “ Are breast implants worth it? ” finds its answer in this argument.

A very large percentage which is more than almost 50% of the GDP of any developed or developing country comes from products that make people feel better starting from attire and costumes, cosmetics and toiletries, travel and tourism, etc etc. All these is to feel better and happy so when your inner self comes and says regularly, “ You don’t look good only because of your irregular and uneven small breasts.” – it is time to think about it seriously or otherwise you may end up with a bad mental health that in turn that may destroy your personal life, social life, professional life over a period of time. So, now you can decide, “ Are breast implants worth it? ”

If you feel better with bigger breasts with the shape of your choice you have every right to opt for a breast implant and a breast lift. Taking into consideration that the implant prices have now come down and became affordable and also the social acceptance has gone up it is easier for you to take a decision. If you are ashamed enough of them that you didn’t wear a fitted shirt yet or a swim suit embarrasses you in front of your friends and colleagues or you feel terrible when the time comes for you to undress in presence of your sex partner or when he stares at other women with high breasts or comments on your small breasts then what stops you from a breast augmentation? Plenty of women in their late teens to mid forties get breast implants and the rate of success is almost 100 %. So, it time to say goodbye to push-up bras, padded bras, and sports bras and also those taunts and teases, embarrassments and low esteem.

Isn’t it amazing that women have this body part that more than any other, goes through profound changes over time? Whether you birth and feed a baby with your body or not, breasts are always changing; implants deny that process and keeps your breasts in shape and secures its size through all the phases of your life cycle. It is a personal decision and should be glad enough that such a good option exists for women who have lost a breast and has chance to reconstruct it through surgery.


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