Depression could be coined as fluctuating mood swings and similar symptoms which human feel typically when things differ from expected. Every individual might occasionally feel a gush of anxiety or has “the blues” from time to time, but women in specific could be more prone to such Depressions. Normal day to day living usually gets cumbersome due to several reasons which might be beyond human control and professional help could be essential if symptoms last longer than a couple of weeks.

Men vs. Women: Which Gender stands more prone?

According to statistics from leading Mental Health surveys, the ratio of women to men treated from mental related problems is a staggering 29: 17 i.e., 29% of women asked for treatment compared to 17% men. Apparently this might seem normal but a closer look reveals that 1 in 4 women require help from depression. In comparison 1 in 10 men might require help from depression.

Signs which indicate depression in women

Some of the things which women experience when in “depression”

  • Depressed mood
  • Lack of sound sleep
  • Interest loss as well as loss of passion
  • Guilty feeling
  • Recurrent suicidal thoughts
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of weight
  • No concentration
  • Fatigued, no energy at all
  • Feeling hopeless and worthless

The levels of depression significantly vary from person to person. The different types of depression are as follows:

  • Severe – Symptoms which severely affects your day to day routine life.
  • Moderate – Little more than five symptoms which creates a concern for you.
  • Mild – Five symptoms of depression which mildly affects the way you perform in a day.
  • Sub threshold – Very few depression symptoms still the remaining cause distress and pain.


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